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(*From 2008 we are - DVSA licencees, offering bilingual study materials for driving exams). We offer you our experience - we helped thousands of Polish people in the UK (If you need other language, please visit www.driving-test.uk).
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If you want to exchange your Polish driving licence into a British one - go straight to the green page to see the example of the completed D1 form.

But if you don't have a licence yet,
⏬ please read below ⏬

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Without courses, too much knowledge of the language, obtaining a driving licence in the UK is 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Applying for a provisional driving licence
Apply for a provisional driving licence (L - green plastic) and after 3 weeks (when you get it), you can drive. Next ⏬
Step 2 - Preparing and passing the theory test
Study at home all UK driving rules (in Polish or English) and pass thoery test (without any courses) and then ⏬
Step 3 - Learning to drive and passing practical test
Practise driving with an instructor or even your friend (yes - it's legal in UK!) and pass your practical driving test (also without any courses) - and you've got your driving licence! ⏬

All 3 steps are described in details on our pages, so if you want us to direct you, what you should do step by step to get your driving licence -
⏬ please read more ⏬

Bilingual (EN/PL) books and apps for exams!

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