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To obtain a provisional driving licence in the UK, you need to:
  • Order D1 form on the DVLA website / take it from the post office. Then send the completed form with photo, ID and payment to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AF (cost £43) or
  • Fill out and submit the form online - (cost £34). After sending the documents you can start studying for the theory test
  • After 3-4 weeks you will receive your provisional driving licence by post (as well as a return of your ID document). You can start practical driving.

  • - Depending on the student's ability, the absolute minimum, which includes tests fees etc., is £150-500. The lower limit is the price of L (green provisional driving licence), study materials and exams.The upper one includes about 10-15 hours of driving with an instructor. You can learn with a friend for free. You do not need to do the course - there is no minimum driving hours in the UK, and you do not need to do the theory course.So you can do everything (apart from driving) on your own and only take the tests.

    What do you need to do? - All 3 steps are described in more details on our website. In short:
  • send the D1 form for a provisional driving license (green plastic)
  • study the theory and pass the theory test
  • learn the practice and pass the practical exam. There is no time frame, except for that after passing the theory test, you have two years to pass the practical driving test.
  • If you turn 17 in the next three months, you can apply for a provisional DVLA driving license (you must be 17 to drive, but if you want to ride a motorcycle or moped you only need to be sixteen). You must be the UK resident with minimum age requirements and minimum eyesight requirements. If you need glasses or contact lenses to meet your eyesight standards, they must be worn every time, while you are driving - remember that, otherwise you will commit a crime.
    You can send your provisional licence application with Polish ID, but your photo must be signed by a person, who:
  • holds British driving licence
  • is the UK resident
  • knows you personally
  • is not related to you
  • doesn't live at the same address as you.
  • More info about who is accepted by DVLA in the link
    - There are no compulsory driving courses in the UK, as it was the case in Poland. Everyone learns individually, theory at home from textbooks (our bilingual materials are available in the blue and red tabs of the website) and in a driving school of their choice or with a private instructor (you can find the driving school or driving instructor closest to your place of residence via the DVSA link) HERE).
    - Yes, you are entitled to drive on the roads as soon as you receive your provisional driving license. Of course, under certain conditions, which are established by that driving license. Passing the theory test is not a prerequisite for practical driving. However, to take the theory test for a driving license - you must have an L (green plastic).
    - Unfortunately, in Great Britain there is no such possibility since 2014 (in Northern Ireland it is still available): Information on this here. However, the questions on the theory test are not difficult, you can study in two languages (check our bilingual study materials) to learn English better and take the exam. We also recommend that you take at least few lessons with an English-speaking instructor to prepare well for your practice test, which will be in English (our Practice Test Guide will also make the practical test easier).
    - The e-books are sent up to 24 hours after the payment via e-mail. If it's the middle of the day, they usually come within an hour. Ebooks are in interactive pdf format, only pdf reader is required - eg. Adobe Acrobat Reader, so they work on any laptop, tablet or phone even with android or iOS system (Windows as well). For online panel the web browser is needed as well as internet connection.
    - The online panel access is for 12 months from the date of buying (the ebook is being sent to your email so the access will be permanent). Unfortunately after a year (if you still need to study) you will have to purchase ebook + panel again, you can't buy the panel on its own. DVSA changes some of the questions almost every year, in the online panel they are being updated daily, so you can always be sure that in the whole period of your access, the questions will be always up to date.
    - If you want to take the theory or practice test for driving in Northern Ireland, you are legally required to reside in Northern Ireland. If you have a provisional driving license from the UK and want to take a motorcycle, car, bus or lorry theory test, you must complete the Habitual Residence Declaration Form and send it to DVA with proof that you live in Northern Ireland before booking the exam. More info on this HERE.
    - There is currently no obligation to exchange the Polish driving license for the British one due to Brexit. Driving on a Polish driving licence is legal in the UK, but for those who would like to exchange their license for a British one (eg. to have cheaper insurance), you can download the example on how to fill in the application, available after clicking on the picture of D1 form.
    - According to the British government website, in Poland you can drive on a British driving licence for up to 6 months without an IDP (International Driving Permit). More info on this HERE

    In case of problems with an English language CLICK on the picture below to see what the individual terms mean in Polish

    If you want to exchange your Polish driving licence for a British one, please select Exchange instead of Provisional in the field 3

    And if you want to see Polish translation of filled D2 form (provisional driving licence form for LGV/PCV in Polish)- CLICK HERE

    where to get provisional driving license form UK D1 in Polish

    In the United Kingdom there are some different rules on the roads than in Poland, we encourage all Polish drivers to read short ⏩ Polish Guide ⏪ about driving in the UK (for learner drivers we have studying materials in Polish on our blue page - Step 2)

    You can drive on UK roads on a provisional driving license, but certain conditions must be met. Click and learn more:

    ✓ Provisional drivers must have someone to supervise them while driving.
    ✓ The person must be seated in the front passenger seat and be able to drive the vehicle. They should also be over the age of 21 and have had a full driving license for the last three years for the category, which a temporary driver is learning to drive in the UK.
    Learners drivers must display an "L" sign on the front and rear of their vehicles
    ✓ The learner drivers can't drive on the motorway (from 2018, driving on the motorway is possible under the supervision of a professional instructor in the car, which has built-in dual vehicle controls).

    Once you have your British provisional driving licence (or you are waiting for it after sending the application),

    It's time to study for exam