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🚗 ⏬ INFO and UK Practical driving exam test in PolishThe Highway Code UK in Polish language ebooks for practical exam below ⏬ and Polish Translation Book Driving theory test UK+Polish Translation App Driving UK English bilingual English-Polish books and apps for theory driving exam! HERE!

To pass driving practical test in the UK, you should:
  • Look for a driving school or a professional driving instructor reccomended by DVSA, in your area (£25-35/h, rates for motorcycles / large vehicles may differ. If you are looking for Polish speaking inctructor in your area - see our list) or/and
  • Learn to drive in your own or friend's car (in the UK there is no obligation to do a driving course and also there is no minimum driven hours. You can learn to drive with your friend, under some conditions - you can read more about that on our green page). You have to buy car insurance for your use.
  • After you learn to drive, take practical driving test. (cost £62-75, depending on the day of the week).

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    Practical driving test starts with checking candidate's documents (both parts of provisional driving licence, theory test certificate, car insurance certificate).
    Next, you will be asked two questions about your car controls (one of them can be asked during driving later). Then the examiner will check candidate's eyesight, by pointing onto the registration plate which should be read by candidate (about 20 metres distance).
    After the eyesight test, the examiner starts testing the candidate for driving in town and some maneouvres (eg. reversing around a corner, U-turn, emergency stop, parking etc).
    To pass the test, the candidate is not allowed to have more than 15 small driving faults. If they have at least one serious or dangerous fault, they will fail the test. (If something like that happens, please don't give up and prepare better to take your practical test again).

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    Practical exam test driving test UK in Polish language

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    Cars - category B
    Motorcycles - category A
    LGV/HGV lorries category C, C+E - Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)
    PCV Buses category D, D+E - Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

    If you pass the test, CONGRATULATIONS! 👍 - Your new driving licence will come to you by post within 3 weeks.
    🚗 Well done! 🚗

    ATTENTION: Many British vehicles forms you can download from www.Dokumenty.UK